Islamic Blessing Quotes

To the soul that is suffering from difficulties and hardships, to the person that is unguided, to the child that doesn't have parents, to the people who lack freedom, to the heart that needs love, to the body that needs cure, to the family that lacks shelter, to the people who lack food and water, to those who passed away, I pray to Allah Subhanu Wa Ta Ala for you. I pray that Allah has mercy on each one of you, that he forgives you, and that he bless you with the best of this world, and paradise in the hereafter. I pray to Allah because one day I'm going to need a prayer for myself. I pray because I'm a Muslim, and it is my duty to help all creation. I pray because its gratitude to the creator. I pray because my heart yearns to speak to Allah. I pray because I love Allah and his creation. I pray because tomorrow I may not.

"The most naive thing in my eyes is to linger in sin, with no regrets, hoping for a far off pardon and to come closer to Allah without doing anything, and waiting for the harvest of Jannah (Paradise) while planting the seeds of hellfire, and waiting for reward without performing any deeds."


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